Your plant-based journey made easy

Our Vision

The plant-based food journey that’s good for the world

We believe in creating plant-based meals that are tasty, nutritious, and sustainable. Whatever lifestyle you’re living, we have a plant-based food plan for you.

Why GFP?

Our Customers Come First

Our range of easy-to-make plant-based proteins are made from scratch, fuss-free, fresh and nutritious for you.

We do the work so you look like a pro!

Environment & Social Impact

We source locally wherever possible and support upcycling initiatives to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Thanks to our partnership with Seven Clean Seas, your purchase helps to contribute to ocean positive impact. With every purchase, you help by contributing to the removal of 150 grams (15 PET bottles) from the ocean.

Our Products

We work with local partners to source products that are clean, fresh and ethical. Our products are hormone-free, antibiotic-free and free from artificial flavours.

Good for you and the environment.

Join Us to Make an Ocean Positive Impact With Just 1% of Your Bill

When considering food safety, plastic is necessary to keep our products fresh, safe and healthy. At GoodFoodPeople, we are sustainably conscious and know our customers are too.

While we search for a practical and convenient alternative to our vacuum pack bags, we have partnered with Seven Clean Seas to give you the option to create an ocean positive impact

Low Plastic Footprint

Average plastic consumption per purchase on GoodFoodPeople: 150 grams of plastic

150g = 15 PET bottles

Did You Know?

Average monthly plastic consumption per person globally = 8 kg

Goodfoodpeople’s Goal

With your order, 0.50 USD is contributed to Seven Clean Seas initiative in the removal of 15 PET bottles from the ocean.

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